Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ziggy goes to the Vet

Zigg, here. Mary took me to the veterinarian. We had visited before, so I knew there were treats. This time we went into a small room where a lady took my temperature. Under my tail—a place that usually only interests dogs. I grumbled a little, as much as I can grumble while I’m eating treats. Then the vet came in. I growled and lunged. She sat down on the floor. I went over and sat in her lap. She touched me all over and looked in my eyes and my ears. Mary is always looking in my ears, so I was not afraid. Mary and the vet both thought my ears smelled like damp basement, so I am getting ear drops.

I still had stitches on my tummy from when I was fixed. (Fixed? What was wrong?) Mary held me in her lap, and the vet did things with scissors very close to Zigg. I kept sticking my snout down there to check her work. Then the vet poked something at the back of my neck. I wiggled too much in Mary’s lap, so they put me on the table. Still wriggling. And guess what? The vet put some squishy cheese on a stick. And I got to lick the cheese while she did whatever to my neck. On the way out I got more treats. These outings are exhausting.

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