Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Guest Blogger: Ziggy Celebrates Christmas!

Ziggy, here. I am missing what we do every day. Walk for coffee, breakfast, couch time, ball chasing, afternoon walk, exploring the basement, sitting on the sofa helping Mary knit. Today we got up very early and had only a short walk. Then I got in the crate and we started driving. We stopped for short walks at places with lots of poop on the grass. After four hours we got to a house with big dogs and little kids. I stayed in my crate so as not to get in trouble. After the people ate (hint, hint) we went to a room. Bill brought the crate in from the car.

We went for a long walk in a place where dogs were running around without people. Then we all slept in the one room. Every time Mary got up to go to the bathroom, I wagged my tail. She went back to bed anyway. When it was morning, we went for a walk. Then they left me in the crate and went out to have fun. No dog in the hospital. No dog to the house with six cats. No dog to the house with toddlers. They don’t want me getting a criminal record over the holidays. I have more fun on everyday days. It’s a good thing there are more regular days than holidays.

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