Friday, December 28, 2012

Guest Blogger, Kaylee: How to Train Your Humans

When your people are away

Kaylee here.  I am very excited because this week I get to be in charge for 5 whole days!! This is because my humans, Eric and Lindsey, are going away for Christmas.  I will miss them, but I like to be in charge of the house! I am very good at it.  All day I lie on the couch in the front room and if anyone dares to knock on the door, I jump up and bark and bark and bark so that they know that I am protecting the house.  Bungie and Samson don't hear the knocks because they are deaf.  Well, Lindsey says Samson has very selective hearing at least. 

Of course, it’s hard work to be in charge all of the time and I still haven’t mastered opening doors yet. So Lindsey and Eric have some very good friends coming to help take care of us.  Now, training the humans you live with can be hard work.  Training humans who don’t even live with you is really tough! Every time they come to visit you have to wiggle, roll, be cute, fetch toys, and demand pets.  It’s exhausting.  But this lets everyone know that you are cute, lovable, and fun to be around so they will come back.  Bungie doesn’t wiggle much anymore, but I’ll admit he’s got looking cute down pat.  Samson gets it backwards sometimes and barks at people who try to pet him, but people still like him anyways.  Go figure. 

We all did a very good job of training these humans though.  Some doggies like me only need to go out a couple of times a day, but the boys need some extra trips outside.  Maybe because they are boys? Or because they are old?  In any case, our friend Eric B. is coming over at 6AM for 5 days to let us out and feed us breakfast!! And then our friend Raleigh is coming at 9 to give us our pills and go for a walk.  She is only 18 months, so she will probably bring her parents, but more importantly – I hope she brings her breakfast.   She always drops some on the floor for us!   Another friend is coming at 1 every afternoon and then Grandma and Grandpa A. are coming at 6 and 9 to feed us dinner and take us out for a good-night walk!  Whew – we are a lot of work!  It’s a good thing we’re so cute, huh.  I bet everyone will be ready for Eric and Lindsey to come home!

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