Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas' Happy Tail

Do you remember when this little girl came to OBG this time last year?  She had been found behind a store wrapped in a blanket.  We named her Christmas.  She had a rough go for many months with skin infections and allergies.  She found her fur-ever home in July and we got a great update from her Mom along with some great photos of her at the beach.  

I just wanted to let you know that Christmas and I are having a great time together. She is a star when traveling in the car and loves to go to the beach. Of course, everyone stops to adore her and she is working at socializing. She does well with children and we're getting pretty good with small dogs. It's those big ones that send her into fits of barking, cats are still on the not sure list and she has a few growls sometimes when people pet her on top of the head. She loves our walks and thinks she should really go to work with me everyday. Unfortunately I can only sneak that in sometime.

I just adore her and am sure I got the very best dog ever adopted out by Oldies but Goodies.


  1. Peg what a great picture of you and Christmas and article as well.

    Mary Ann

  2. Christmas is the luckiest dog in the world and Peg is the luckiest woman in the world!!!!! you're both soooooo photogenic!!!

  3. We are so happy to see Christmas with her new fur-ever Momma. We meet Christmas at one of the adoption events in Falls Church...and she was a total sweet heart!! Both of you ladies are very blessed to have each other!!!