Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bambi's Happy Tail

Bambi, formerly known as Samuel, has been the perfect addition to our lives. We had been searching for the perfect pup for a while when we stumbled upon the OBG website. We met a few other dogs before meeting Bambi but were still trying to find the perfect match. The second we met Bambi we felt an instant connection; he immediately fell into our laps and had nothing but love and snuggles to give us. We knew that Bambi was "the one."

Bambi's new name was inspired by his gentle, sweet, loving temperament. We have had him several months now and he has shown us nothing but love and affection. He knows that we are his new home and whenever we go, he wants to be there. When we do have to leave him behind, his little tail is wagging a million miles a minute the moment we return.

When we first met Bambi, his foster-mom said it may take him a little while for him to warm up and may not sleep with us right away. But when bed time rolled around, Bambi showed no hesitation in claiming his spot in the middle of the bed. Bambi now refuses to go to bed until we are both there with him. 

We feel so lucky to have found such a perfect pup to share our love and home. We could not imagine a day without our sweet Bambi and are grateful to OBG for helping us find him.

Thank you,
Lauren & Rendel


  1. Not only does Bambi make Lauren and Rendel happy, but he also makes his new grandmother and grandfather happy, too. We love Bambi and enjoy his snuggling and caring nature. We feel lucky to have this adorable pup in our lives, too!

    Bambi's Bubbe and StanPa

    1. Oh yesss, please include his Aunt Dana who has no trouble loving him and also getting in the tub with him to make sure he is nice and clean! Love Dana