Monday, November 5, 2012

Ziggy: Maybe the Clippers Aren't So Bad Afterall

Zigg, here. Remember how scared/brave I was when the groomer touched me with the clippers? I was shocked to learn that there are dangerous clippers right in my own house. When Mary first turned them on I ran into my crate and covered my face. For the past two weeks every day she smears peanut butter on a plate and holds it for me. Then she turns the clippers on so they buzz around me while I lick the plate. Now when I hear the clippers, I run into the kitchen for my treat.

Yesterday she touched the clippers to me while I was enjoying my peanut butter. Not good. I backed away. Then I came back and the clippers touched me again. We did this many times. I do not like the clippers, but they don’t scare me into my crate anymore.

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