Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunny's Happy Tail

We heard from Sunny's (formerly Hector) family this fall and he is living a great life with his BFF, Aubrey!  Here is an update from his Mom!

Last January my husband and I adopted "Hector" whom we promptly renamed "Sunny" because of his disposition. Within a few weeks he and my Jack Russell Terrier (Aubrey)were BFFs - best friends forever. It makes my heart sing to see them playing together, because Sunny has really helped Aubrey be less nervous, and Aubrey is way more confident now. This was our major reason for getting a second dog, to help our first come into his own a little.

Sunny is affectionate and loves to take naps on the couch with my husband. Whenever he goes on a walk, he puts his nose to the ground and lets his sniffer do the work. This is in contrast to Aubrey, who takes in the world with his eyes. They make a great team trying to chase squirrels and bunnies. But they will never catch their prey!

Sunny joined us on our first major road trip - we drove up to Ontario, where my family vacations at a lake. He met my Mom's Siberian Husky for the first time, which made for some fun play times... he was the smaller of the two for a change.

Sunny also accompanies me to work a couple times a month, where he visits home bound seniors and delights them with kisses and affection. He is a great "therapy dog" and my co-workers get a kick out of him too.

Adopting Sunny was such a great experience.  I am thankful for his foster parents, Matt and Lucy. They mentioned how much he loved his toys and gave us a few of them. It's really true, he goes bonkers for toys, especially tennis balls!

Thanks very much for entrusting Sunny to us. He adds much joy to our lives!

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