Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fifi's Happy Tail

This is an international Happy Tail!  You may remember hearing about Fifi, who traveled all the way from Thailand to get to OBG.  She was born in China 3-4 yrs ago and became a member of a Foreign Service Family there. The family was transferred back to The States and a wonderful, animal lover stepped forward to make sure Fifi received proper care and love when she remained behind in Thailand. Unfortunately, she was severely allergic to Fifi and needed to find her a new home.  After hearing Fifi's tale, OBG couldn't say no. Her new owner paid for Fifi's preflight vetting and International airfare and she arrived to OBG in October. Fifi had her own guardian angel!

Once in OBG, it didn't take long for her to wiggle her way into her new family's heart.  Here is a note and pictures from her new new Mom! We are so happy for them all! 

I guess you could say that Fifi had us at Hello. After the first wiggle I knew she had to be ours. When I got her home and she started playing with Jim, he looked at me and said, "I think we need to keep her." We loved her personality and her spirit. She has a brother now named Larry. He is also an OBG alum. In fact we were fostering him too when we decided to adopt him.

We bought her a new pink harness and collar. She is crazy about toys and especially loves balls. I had a small exercise ball- like a small kickball- that I used for toning exercises. It is now a FiFi toy. Fifi loves to "help" me when I am doing one of my exercise DVDs. She is my little personal trainer. She gives me encouraging kisses while trying to do push-ups or planks. When I am doing crunches she likes to add a bit more of a challenge by adding her extra weight to my abs.

We just love her and can't believe the journey she took to get to us. She has found her forever home for sure. We could never let her go.

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  1. Oh my goodness! She is just the cutest! So glad for her happy ending! Here's to more happy endings for adorable cockers!