Friday, November 2, 2012

Ava's Happy Tail!

We heard from Ava who went to her fur-ever home in August!  She is living a great life with her new sibling!

Hi, everyone! I thought I would let you guys know how I was doing in my new home.  I got adopted in August, and my new mom was a little nervous that I wouldn't fit in right away, because I'm a little... ahem... older than my new brother. But guess what? I love it here! I had no problem getting the feel of the place. And my mom cuts my hair every month, so I'm getting makeovers all the time! But she doesn't just cut my hair and my brother's hair, she does the whole family, too! So my cousins are always coming in to visit us, but don't worry- I still show them who's boss.

When I first got here, I had tons of little growths (Okay, some weren't so little...) on my body. But my new family took me to the vet to get them removed. They even walked all the way to the back with me so I wasn't scared! I had to have two cosmetic surgeries total, and the vet made me wear a stupid cone on my head for two weeks each time. I had twenty-three growths removed, sixteen the first time and seven the second time. My foster mom told my new family that I was constantly biting my paw, so they had an X-ray done. It was just some more growths in my paw, so I had to wear some pink booties for a few more days, but no more biting for me! And after all of that's done, boy, do I look beautiful!

I wanted to let everyone know how happy I am now. I'm completely spoiled rotten (But don't let my mom know I said that)! I hope my story gets shared on the Happy Tails page so that everyone can read about it. Maybe reading my story will encourage someone else to take a chance on one of my fellow Oldies but Goodies.

Miss Ava

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