Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ziggy loves training!

Ziggy, here. I love education! I would like to be trained all day, every day. Now Mary carries the very, very good treats in her fanny pack. If she’s just walking around the house or reading, I can touch her hand and remind her that I would like to be learning, please. Many times a day I get her to ask me to sit or touch. Click! Treat! This is the most fun ever!

I am a very smart dog. Bill dropped some trash on the kitchen floor when I was helping him cook. In the living room Mary said “Touch.” I left the food on the floor and ran into the living room. Click. Hot dog. Two hot dogs—me and the treat! On our walk to the coffee shop a squirrel ran across the street in front of me. I got all wound up—in my head and in my leash. Mary said “touch.” I did. Click. Treat. I forgot about the squirrel.

I never forget about the treats. Mary left me alone with Bill for a while. When she came back she found many small pieces of plastic bag on the floor. She was puzzled. Then she found her fanny pack under the dining room table. She wonders how I got it off the chest of drawers in the living room. I ran along the top of the sofa and jumped to the chest of drawers. Now she only leaves her fanny pack way back on the kitchen counter when she leaves the house without me. And Bill and I stay in the same room all the time when we are home alone.

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