Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ziggy Goes Back to School!

Ziggy, here.  Back to school.  This time the other dog was named Belle Foster.  Dogs have to be named Foster, but not Ziggy to have fun at the Foster Dog Alliance.  Beth was the teacher.  We worked on “Leave It” and “Wait.”  It was very hard.  When I got confused, we went back to “Sit” for a while.  Beth walked me around and gave me treats for something—I’m not sure what.  Mary walked me around, and I was too excited to get treats except for “Touch.”  Belle and her person practiced walking past me without barking.   I was too busy trying for treats to worry about her.  No drooling.

Now I know there is a way to get treats for walking, but not exactly how.  When Mary took me for a walk after school, I walked backwards in front of her and sat down every few steps. Treats? Nope. She just laughed at me.

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  1. ahh, I love Ziggy! He sounds just like my parent's cocker. I wish I lived closer, I would come and scoop him up right now.