Monday, October 15, 2012

Ziggy: The Basement and Crickets

Zigg, here. Have I mentioned that I’m sometimes afraid of things? The scariest thing in ZiggWorld is the basement. Mary goes down there to do things. She calls to me in her, “Won’t this be fun voice.” Fun? What could be fun about a basement? I’m not brave enough to save her, but I stand at the top of the stairs and moan a warning. 

Well, we had a tornado warning. Mary really wanted me to come to the basement. She went down a few steps and offered me treats. No, thanks. She came back up and picked me up, but I shook and fought and growled a little. She put me down and went back to the basement. 

On her way down she left tiny pieces of hot dog on each step. She sat down to read a book in the basement. The hot dogs smelled mighty good. I could stretch far enough to get the one on the top step. But I had to run down and pick up the second one. I ran back up and looked down again. I thought long and hard about the dangers of basements versus the pleasures of kosher chicken franks. I’m a dog—the franks won. When I got to the bottom, I sat there a while and watched Mary laugh at me.

The basement was not scary. I ran around the edges collecting cobwebs and lint. I flushed game than chirped and hopped. After I put a paw on them, they stopped chirping. I ate them. I found them under the sofa and behind the shovels. 

In a small space behind the dryer I found many of the chirpers stuck to a sheet of cardboard. I put my paw on them, and I was stuck, too. Two ways stuck. This big sheet of bug-covered cardboard was stuck to my paw. And the space was so small I couldn’t see where to point my rump to get out. A dog trap baited with crickets? 

I barked and cried. Mary came and lifted me out. The trap was still stuck to my paw and the flapping it made when I put my paw down made me run in a circle. Mary put her foot on the trap, and I pulled off my paw. With much squealing. I left some fur on the trap, but my paw was not even sticky. 

I sat in Mary’s lap for a few minutes. She was afraid that I had confirmed my suspicions about the basement and would never come down willingly again. She was wrong. I love the basement! Whenever she opens the basement door to get jars from the wall, I run down the steps, collect a few cobwebs, and do a cricket check. But I leave the ones on the sticky cardboard alone. So far.

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  1. so adorable! just like how my piri was when he was a puppy :)