Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ziggy and Treats

Zigg, here. I finally figured out what I need to do to get treats on walks. I walk next to Mary on the side that holds the treats and watch her very carefully. After a while she clicks and drops a treat. Then we stop and I hunt for the treat. It’s hard to find a treat with all the leaves on the pavement. Usually she has to tap her foot by the treat so I can find it. She worries about my vision.

My vision is not the problem here. Mary’s treats are TOO SMALL. She cuts a kosher frank into four long strips and then cuts each strip into twenty pieces. These treats are so thin they are nearly transparent. Luckily I earn fifty or sixty treats a day. Sometimes Mary slips herself a treat. It’s OK, she is good on the leash.

I can also get treats on walks by not chasing squirrels. When I see a squirrel and look at Mary instead of bolting, she gives me a treat. I am not afraid of men in hats anymore. I greet other dogs politely. I have even said hello to great big dogs.

Unleashed children still make me wild. If I don’t see them until they are close, I growl and lunge at them. Once Mary and I were walking down the sidewalk when someone came pounding down the street behind us. We stepped behind a hedge, but the person kept coming. Mary said, “Stop.” It was a little girl. The girl jumped up and down and yelled, “My Mom said I can pet your dog!” Mary said that I did not want to be petted, and pointed out that I was growling. The girl started crying. Children should be under their parents’ control at all times—preferably on a leash.