Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shirlington Village's Restaurant Week Isn't Just for Humans!


Now through Sunday, October 14th, bring your dog into Dogma Bakery in Shirlington Village (Arlington, VA) for Restaurant Week as well! For $10 serve your favorite pooch a gourmet pup-friendly meal. A portion of the proceeds from Restaurant Week will benefit OBG's Coyote Charlie (in addition to Lucky Dog Animal Rescue's Critical Care Fund).  Our thanks to Dogma Bakery for their support to OBG!


Coyote Charlie sounds like a character from a kid's cartoon but there is nothing humorous about his past life. Residents in a southern housing development heard horrific screams and ran outside to see what was happening. To their horror, they witnessed a coyote attack. The victim was our own sweet, Coyote Charlie. The attack left him with severe wounds--both ear drums were ruptured, facial wounds, as well as suffering from a skin infection and dry eye. Poor Coyote Charlie has been through a horrible experience but this 6-7 year old boy has a strong will to live and we are doing everything possible to help in healing his broken body.

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