Thursday, October 25, 2012

OBG Alum Recovering from Pit Bull Attack in DC

It's been a week for OBG doggies.  First Butter and now this! 

Did you hear about a pit bull attack on a cocker spaniel in the Petworth area of DC last week?  It was a horrible attack and turns out the cocker spaniel was an OBG Alum, Sian (formerly Snoop Dog), who was adopted earlier this year!   The attack made local news on ABC.  Click here to see the news clip.

Sian's Mom was out of town and his dog walker was walking him when two off-leash pit bulls attacked Sian and wouldn't stop even with pepper spray.  Two neighbors and his dog walker finally got the dogs off Sian and he was rushed to Friendship Animal Hospital in DC in critical condition.  He had surgery for extensive wounds to his abdomen. 

Thanks to his dog walker, the neighbors, and the great vets at Friendship Animal Hospital, Sian is going to be ok.  Here is a clip of the reunion with his Mom! 

One of the two pit bulls was taken into custody by DC Animal Control.  Poor Sian!  His OBG foster reminded us that this is the second time in his life he has been attacked.  He came to OBG after having been turned into a shelter after an attack that scarred his ear. 

What a scary time for everyone!  Our thoughts are with you, Sian's Mom, and all our paws are crossed that Sian has a very speedy recovery! 

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