Monday, October 29, 2012

Long Time Foster, Willard, Finds His Fur-ever Home!

We have watched Willard grow up in OBG and love his personality.  There is that great video of him watching the fish tank at PetSmart and that wonderful happy tail!  Many people have stopped and asked about Willard's "cockerness."  As you know we have honorary cockers in the group but we have wondered about his actual heritage.

So we decided to take a DNA test to find out!  We ran a contest at Cockers Uncorked and the Howl-o-Ween Hayride to guess who Willard is!  We had several winners who guessed two of the three breeds that make up our Willard.  In addition to being part German Shepherd and part Golden Retriever, he is part COCKER SPANIEL!  can you believe it!  So Willard has always been in the right place all along!

The really big news for Willard is that he found out he has been in his furever home all along.  Yes, his foster, Teresa and her husband, Mike, made it official and adopted Willard.  We are so happy for all of you! 

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