Monday, October 1, 2012

Beau's Happy Tail

We heard from Beau (formerly Sheen)'s new family and and he is loving life!.   Look at his adorable family picture! Enjoy this update from his Mom!

Beau moved in with us and immediately made our house his home. He had some separation anxiety, at first. Possibly because he wasn't sure if this was to be his 'forever home' or another foster. I'm glad to say, he's figured it out.

My husband Scott, takes 'The James Gang' on two walks, most days, and Beau just /loves/ ' his parades. He marches at the head of the group with his tail high in the air, as if he is leading 'The Pack' with a flag. Always smiling. Always happy. He's started playing with his 'sisters', now. Although, at times, he's not sure because Mae (our Corgi) can get quite toy possessive when she gets 'wound up'.

He's had his 'official photographs' taken, by our 'family photographer, Robin Burkett and I are enclosing a copy of his portrait and the James
Gang group photo (left to right: Roy, Beau, Mae, & Daisy).

Many thanks for the work y'all do and the dogs that you save.


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