Monday, September 10, 2012

Ziggy Tells Us People Have Names Too!

Ziggy, here. Every day I learn new things. I have figured out that my people have names. Just before the man in the hat comes into the house, the lady says, “Bill’s home!” Every time. Now when she says, “Bill’s home!” I run to the door to say hello. I don’t bark at him anymore. Other people in hats…I still bark. Umbrellas, too. The lady’s name is “Find Mary.” I sit with Bill and she hides. Than he says “Find Mary” and I go look for her. If I am having trouble finding her, she makes small noises. When I find her, I sit and she pets me and tells me how smart I am. 

Inside the house is safe. Outside I am very careful. I was on my own in the world for a while, so I know that dogs are not always good to other dogs. When Mary and I are walking and I see a dog, I move her to the other side of the street. Sometimes she has me sit while she talks to the other dog’s person. If the other dog sits quietly, I move a little closer. I have even sniffed at four dogs. Small, old, friendly dogs. Once I was meeting a sweet, blind dog. Things were going well. Then someone came up the street with two dogs that were barking and pulling to meet me. I walked Mary up a driveway and sat down behind a car until the barking dogs were long gone. I didn’t want any trouble. Mary thought I was brilliant.


  1. You are so adorable Ziggy!

  2. Thanks so much for your wonderful posts, Ziggy! We love reading about life from your perspective, as you are clearly very wise. Lots of love — Sarah & the beags

  3. Ziggy! Ferguson and I love reading your posts. We can't wait for your next entry.