Friday, September 14, 2012

Ziggy: I have a Tail!

I have a Tail!
People on the street try to scare Mary. They point at my paws, and ask--how big will the puppy be when he grows up? She says I am full-grown, maybe a little immature, but as big as I’m going to be. She hopes. Because I am a black dog with a very short hair cut, people tell her I’m a Labrador retriever. I am not. I am a cocker spaniel. She hopes.

Yesterday a lady said I must be a lab, because I have a long tail. Mary explained that all cocker spaniels are born with long tails, but some people cut them off. The lady asked, “When are you going to dock his?” Mary said “unh-unh.” The lady asked if Oldies but Goodies would pay for my surgery. Mary said “unh-unh” in the voice that means the dog had better stop what he’s doing right now. I wasn’t doing anything.

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