Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ziggy: Clippers Are Not My Friends!

Ziggy, here. Just when I thought every day would be the same, I am having new adventures. Have I mentioned my haircut before? My fur is very, very short. My tail looks like a rat’s tail. But whoever cut my hair (and I’m not saying) didn’t trim the hair on my face. Maybe they put a hood on me, so I couldn’t see who gave me that bad haircut? I have a shaggy beard and fur over my eyes. 

I think this is my better side!
Anyway, today we went to a place where dogs get haircuts. I was plenty worried. But Mary gave me treats on the way down the steps. The groomer was happy to see me…happier than I was to see her. She sat down on the floor and gave me treats…better treats than the ones I get at home. Then I got up on a table and put my head in a harness. Not so good. When I saw the clipper, I tried to back off the table. There was a treat on the clipper, but it took me a long time to take it. The clipper touched me. I watched it very carefully and talked to it, but it was quiet. 

Then the groomer turned the clipper on. I sniffed it. I sat very close to Mary while the clipper buzzed. It touched me all over, but didn’t cut my hair. I got treats and petted. More buzzing, and a little bit of hair trimmed on my chin. I growled. More buzzing and touching, more treats.

When I got off the table, I got a new squeaky toy! And more treats. Now I’m back home, full of treats, and totally exhausted. One side of my beard is shorter. I’m not sure it improves my looks.


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  2. I love Ziggy! I look forward to his reports! Kris N.