Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pebbles and Oreo's Happy Tail

Pebbles (2012) and Oreo's (2008) Mom updated us on their Happy Tails! They are doing great!  

"They are adorable together, and needless to say, I cherish every minute with both of my little wigglebutts!"

Pebbles Sharing a Secret with Oreo (2008 OBG Alum)
Their Mom told us she thinks she knows what "secret" was being shared. When she came home from work one day, she found their food canister had been tipped over and their dry food was all over the kitchen floor. When she asked "Who did this!!", both skulked into the dining room and then behaved like perfect little angels. Both were drinking water like crazy, and they were exhausted, so she can only guess how much they ate! She told us it was so hard to keep a straight face. Her vet told her once, all dogs are actors, but cocker spaniels win the Academy Award!

Pebbles Adopted June 2012
Pebbles graduated from Manners 1 training class in August on on her 3rd birthday. Congrats, Pebbles!

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