Saturday, September 8, 2012

Meet Ziggy Foster, OBG Guest Blogger

This is Ziggy.  He joined OBG in early August from a Maryland shelter where he was saved within just hours of being euthanized.  He is 2-3 years old, playful and active!

Ziggy started his foster journey with OBG about a week ago and decided he wanted to give his fellow fosters, adopters, and supporters a "dog's eye view" of foster life in OBG.  He asked if he could be our guest blogger!  We are thrilled to have you on the writing staff, Ziggy, and we look forward to your posts! 

Click here to start reading Ziggy's blog posts! Here are a few highlights so far:

Day One: 
  • ...We went to a new place. There were steps to get into the new place, I am just learning about steps. And I was scared. There was another lady, but I only wanted to touch Marilyn who is my friend. 
  • ...They put very good kibble on the table. I knew it was not for Ziggy, but I put my paws on the table and laid my head there so I could watch them eat. They think a dog should not watch people eat? They put my leash under a chair in the living room. I watched very closely anyway.
Day Two: 
  •  ...we all went for a long walk. It was very exciting, because everyone had left me bags of stinky presents by the streets. A dog likes to stop and smell the trash, but I did not try to open any bags. I saw dogs. I did not bark, but I did not pull to meet them either.

  • ...we saw a large group of tiny people. They were sitting at a table eating treats. I sat down about fifteen feet away and watched them eat. That was close enough. On the way home we saw a RABBIT! I wanted to get close, close, close to the rabbit, but the lady does not chase rabbits. I did not yank her arm off. Mostly because I have a special harness that makes yanking her arm off not much fun for me either. 
Day Three:
  • ...The most fun today was yoga. The lady was on her back on the floor doing funny things with her legs. I jumped off the sofa and put my head on her neck and my nose in her ear. She threw squeaky back on the sofa, so I jumped back up to keep him company. But I watched her very closely, and whenever she looked at me, I would jump back down to smell her ears. She was careful not to look at me. She also had to wash her glasses many times today, because of nose prints. 
  • ...So far the same thing happens every day. This is good. Also I am learning. If I jump on people, they walk away. If I sit down and nose a person, the person will pet me and say, “Good sit, Ziggy. Ziggy is a smarty-paws.” 

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  1. I love hearing about life from your veiw point Ziggy!