Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Timmy Chubb Chubb's Happy Tail

Timmy Chubb Chubb's Mom shared his Happy Tail with us....We are so pleased for them both!

My Name is Timmy Chub Chub. My "Forever Mommy" adopted me in January 2012.  I had been in OBG's care for quite some time.  It seemed like a life time to me. Around about Sept 2011, my Foster Mom & Dad (Bob & Jen) started communicating with my Mommy. After several emails, pictures & videos.. my Mommy confirmed what she knew in her heart the first time she found my picture on line.  I was the one & only boy meant for her.  The day she picked me up in Maryland to take me home to NY...I slept in her arms the whole way home.  I knew that this was were I was meant to be & would be forever.  Mommy says I rescued her..I never let my Mommy go anywhere with out me.  I go every where with her.  We even went to Tennessee the first week because she would not leave me behind.  She wanted me to know that she was not ever leaving me anywhere and not coming back.

I have 3 kitty brothers. Trespasser is my buddy.  We sleep together, he rubs on me alot.  That makes me feels special.  Mouthy fits his name very well.  We go outside together. But we don't play too much. Mouthy thinks he is too proud for that. Lefty still hides from me a lot.  So of course that makes me want to chase him & try to get him to play with me.  But he wants none of that.  He just sneaks up on the bed at nite when I am sleeping so he can snuggle with our Mommy.  I love all my kitty brothers.  They are all so different & keep me entertained.

I love to run! Which is good, because my Mommy is starting to run and says that we will be great running partners.  I also have learned many new tricks since I have been here.  Mommy loves to teach me new things.  I have learned to wait till Mommy says it is okay to eat my food & I learned not to gobble it down either or she takes it away & makes me slow down when I eat.  I have learned sit, down dead dog, paw and I talk to Mommy and end with a smile.  That makes her laugh a lot!  We are now working on roll over & sit pretty!  I love when Mommy teaches me things.  She gives me new toys all the time! Squeaky ones are my favorite.  I have to rip it apart till I get that squeaky thing out.
Then I will share & throw the toy at Mommy to play with me.
Mommy & I believe that God made us for each other & it took some time, but He did get us together!! We are very happy & glad we have each other!  We both thank Bob & Jen (Timmy's foster parents) for taking good care of me & helping Mommy and me to meet. Thank you OBG for rescuing me so that I could rescue my Mommy.

Tommy Chub Chub (& my Mommy)

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  1. I have met this happy dog, and she and her new mommy are a perfect match....I love to see them both smile.