Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Missy's Happy Tail

Missy (left) and her new siblings, Pepper & Rudy
We heard from Missy's new Mom and Missy is doing wonderfully!  We are so happy for her and her family! Here is her Happy Tail!

"Missy first came to us in March/April 2012 as a foster.  She had lost the sight in her left eye and had limited sight in her right eye. We needed to be diligent in treating her right eye with drops daily.  All was going well until she starting bumping into things one morning . I  called OBG and got her to an eye vet up in PA. Her glaucoma pressure was very high, thus causing her to not be able to see.  For a few more weeks we continued with the drops and then again the pressure spiked. 

NOW along the way, MISSY had worked her charm and literally kissed her way into our hearts. The sweetest dog ever!  After discussions with OBG the decision was made to move MISSY back down to Maryland where OBG has more access to eye vets. It was with a broken heart that I took her back down to Maryland. My main concern was always to provide what was best for Missy and her eye treatment even if that meant being in Maryland. She went to the MD foster coordinators home (Fluffy's foster Mom!) where she and Fluff became walking buddies.

I let her know that we loved Missy and wanted her back as a foster OR to officially adopt her.  After a short time in Maryland, good things happened for Missy's continued care and financially she was able to come back to PA and become a loved member of our family.
We are thrilled to have her back and we know she is happy to be back in PA and with her siblings, Pepper and Rudy!

Thanks to OBG for taking her in and providing care to her and working things out so she could become a part of our family."

Suzanne and Mark

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