Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Andy's Happy Tail

Look at that face!  How adorable! Reminds me of my Tater!

This is Andy, formerly Yamaha, who was adopted in 2011.  We heard from his Mom and Dad and he is doing great!  Here is an update they sent us a few months ago (sorry we are so late in posting!)
We've had Andy (formerly Yamaha) for a year now, and we can't imagine how we lived without him. He is still shy around strangers and dislikes closet doors, loud noises and brooms, but what a change the year has brought.  His tail wags non-stop when he sees us, and he can always entice one of us to roll around on the floor with him.   Andy has become my constant companion.  A real Mama's boy, he follows me everywhere, joining me outside for yard work and even lying at my feet as I play the piano.  He loves other dogs and runs in joyous circles when our son brings "Cousin" Sonic, for a visit. He is quiet and gentle with our 6-year old grandson and has just recently begunto give him kisses.  He's smart, too, and knows several tricks which he uses unbidden when he wants a treat.  We've had many dogs in our 46 years of marriage, but none as obedient and loving as our little Andy.
Thank you!

Ben & Betsy

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  1. How lucky for Andy to find your wonderful family! I remember him from last year and am thrilled he found his fur-ever home.