Friday, July 13, 2012

Gingersnap Needs Your Help to "Snap" Back into Shape!

Have you met OBG's little adorable Gingersnap?  She is a 5-7 year old red beauty who sadly came to OBG after her previous owner said he didn't have time for her and that she often had to "hold it" for 18 hours at a time.  How awful for this precious girl!  She will never have to endure such things again!  She has quickly become the darling at our vet's office and loves to cuddle!

We knew Gingersnap would need cherry eye surgery, but we didn't know that she also had severe dental disease and mammary tumors - and a biopsy confirmed that they are cancerous. (unsprayed females are more prone to mammary tumors so spaying is so important!)

Our vet has said it will take 2 surgeons 4 hours to fix this girl up due to the complexity of her case, but if they get clean margins they expect that she can live a long, happy life! We would love to give her that chance!

She is scheduled for surgery on July 25th, so we are trying hard to raise the $3,600 needed so we can make her dreams come true. Can you help?! Click on her ChipIn here or to the right above to make a donation!

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