Friday, July 27, 2012

Citi Open Special Happy Tail -- Meet OBG Alum, Rafa

Rafa relaxing on the couch while practicing his return of serve
When we asked our alumni for pictures of their cockers with tennis balls, Rafa's Mom sent us these photos and told us how he got his name.  Rafa's Dad is an avid tennis player, and as a result, their pets are named after tennis players!  Rafa is named for Rafael Nada, the Spanish pro tennis player who is ranked #3 in the world and widely regarded as one of the greated players of all time.

Rafa was adopted from OBG in November 2011. He is a beautiful black cocker who was actually with OBG twice. His story began in southern Virginia where he was found starved—weighing just 14 pounds—lying in a ditch, and too weak to move. 

A Good Samaritan rescued him and took him to a local shelter, where the staff gave him supportive therapy, thinking he would not survive.  Miraculously, he did, and the shelter staff named him Genesis to commemorate his“coming back to life” and surviving despite what seemed like insurmountable odds. Genesis was later diagnosed with heart worms and his care was taken over by OBG where his foster continued to help him gain weight so that he could begin his heart worm treatment. At last he was healthy, was adopted and renamed PupPup. His previous adopter had had some health issues causing her to return him to OBG. Rafa's Mom says they were blessed to become his forever family in November.
You can never have enough practice balls! 

According to his Mom, Rafa LOVES tennis balls! He chew them all the time. Every morning he goes into her husband’s closet, roots around in his tennis bag,and removes ONE tennis ball, which he takes to his own kennel. At one point he had 16 tennis balls in his kennel!

Maybe Rafa should apply to be a ball dog for the Citi Open!

Rafa, we are so happy for you and your family!

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