Thursday, July 26, 2012

Citi Open Special Happy Tail - Meet Kirby Pryor

Kirby Pryor was adopted as "Wimbledon" on June 12, 2010, from OBG.  According to his records, he was found as a stray in the woods of West Virginia. The local humane society found him and took him to a veterinarian to get him back on his feet.  The vet techs thought he bounced around like a tennis ball, so they called him Wimbledon. 

According this Mom, the first day they brought him home he explored his new backyard and soon dug up a slimy, moldy, and dirty red ball that some other dog had abandoned long ago.  They washed it off as best they could and it quickly became his constant companion.  Just like the Velveteen Rabbit, its felt covering was loved off long ago. 

Whenever they get home from work, he greets them and then runs to find his red ball and brings it to them. Whenever company arrives, he shows them his red ball and wiggles all over to let them know they are welcome.  He loves to sit and watch the Nationals baseball games on TV, his red ball always nearby, so they say he's a true Nats fan and "getting his red on" in support of his favorite team.

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