Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Citi Open Special Happy Tail -- The Bryson Tennis Ball Hoarders

According to his Mom, Rocky is a tennis ball hoarder.  Chasing tennis balls is his very favorite thing to do.  Unfortunately, he never brings them back, but rather hides them everywhere.  They once found a stash of 12 balls behind a bush, other times he hides them all over the backyard and house.  They often don't realize so many are missing until they run out, and then they find themselves doing a tennis ball hunt, much like an Easter egg hunt.  Rocky is rarely without a tennis ball in his mouth.

Ariel, who sadly passed away last year, found out that having a cone on her head is not all bad.  According to her Mom, Ariel was also a serious tennis ball hoarder and quickly figured out that there were advantages to having on the dreaded collar. One time, Mom said she watched Ariel actually scoop up the balls in the backyard with the collar and then she growled at any of the dogs who came near her precious stash.

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