Thursday, July 12, 2012

Annabelle's Happy Tail

Annabelle, formerly Ginger, joined her fur-ever family in 2009.  She had been through a lot -- she tested positive for heartworms, had a cataract, and a heart murmur.  She has blossomed with her new family.  We're so happy for you, Annabelle.

Enjoy this heartwarming letter from Annabelle's Mom.  

What a beautiful girl!
Four years ago we lost our beloved English Cocker. My husband and I knew the only way we could lessen the loss was to adopt another dog (our English Cocker had been a rescue) so I started looking on line as we knew we wanted another cocker only this time a smaller one. 
Everyday for a month I checked the list of available dogs on OBG’s computer list. One day this little black cocker appeared. I knew immediately she was what we were looking for. I contacted the foster to get more information on her. Her name at that time was Ginger and she came with a lot of baggage. She had tested positive for heartworms, she had a cataract in her right eye that had liquefied, she had not been spayed and she had a Grade 3/4 heart murmur. 

Friends and family encouraged us to look at some other dogs, but I could not get her out of my mind.  We went to visit her and immediately knew she was what we were looking for.  She had come to OBG from a back-yard breeder and had never been shown any special attention or love all of her life (she had only been used to have puppies) until she was rescued by OBG. We knew what we were getting into when we got Annabelle, but we knew in our hearts that if OBG was willing to give this little dog a second change, we would do everything possible to help out. We had the time to care for this little dog and see that she got all of the medical attention she needed.

Annabelle came to live with us on the last day of December 2009. She was still a little scared and needed a little more help with her house manners.  The day her foster mom left her at our house, she sat at our front door and watched her leave --confused as to why she was being left again. She did not know at the time she was being left with people that would love and adore her and nurse her back to a healthy beautiful little dog.  
The first thing was to re-administer the painful shots to get rid of the heart worms (because the first time something went wrong), after 6 long months she tested heart worm NEGATIVE. Then it was off to the eye vet. Annabelle's cataract was removed in July of 2010 and was a complete success. Now she has good vision in both eyes. In August 2010 she was spayed and in September 2010 when she went for a physical, her heart murmur was downgraded to a slight 1. Thru all the visits she was a trooper and we are so proud of her.  

Annabelle has become a happy healthy little dog and even though her future did not look so bright, thanks to OBG for giving her a second change at a new life she is one of the sweetest and best little dog that ever was. She is the light of our life and we look forward to many many happy years with her and she does get spoiled quite a bit. She has so much love to give and we are more than willing to except it!  She loves her toys which she watches over endlessly (we think, she thinks they are her babies) she even brings us one every time we return home after being away for a little while. She loves us as much as we love her.

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