Friday, June 1, 2012

OBG's Nolan Named After Alexandria, VA Student

This story touched all our hearts at OBG!

Meet Nolan, a 9 week old German Shepherd Mix puppy.  Nolan came to OBG last week from a Georgia shelter.  A rescue group had two pregnant dogs who delivered 18 puppies (all together) and asked other rescues for help.  Read more about Nolan on his OBG bio.    

Nolan, Nolan & Amy (His Teacher)

Meet Nolan, an Alexandria, VA elementary school student.
Nolan wrote a letter to OBG in March and enclosed a donation to OBG.  He said, "Dear Oldies But Goodies, I love dogs. I want to help them.  Love,  Nolan."

We were so touched by Nolan's note that we contacted his teacher to say thank you.  Turns out his teacher, Amy, is a prior OBG adopter, and she told Nolan about OBG and our work.  She knew Nolan wanted to help dogs so she suggested to him that he make a donation to OBG.  Amy, Nolan and his parents were thrilled when we contacted them about naming a dog after him.

Yesterday, OBG VP for Adoptions Teresa Butler, and OBG Volunteer Susan Arango brought Nolan to Nolan's school so they could meet him and his classmates.  Nolan and his class learned about OBG, rescue work and how to take care of puppies.  Puppy Nolan delighted Nolan with lots of puppy kisses. 
Amy, Susan, Nolan & Nolan

In honor of Nolan's generosity, Susan Arango presented Nolan with an OBG Certificate of Appreciation. Check out this adorable video of the presentation.
More great photos of this special day for Nolan and Nolan!  We were so glad to be part of it!

Nolan, Nolan & His Classmates
Nolan, Nolan and His Mom!

Nolan Gives Nolan One More Kiss Goodbye!

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