Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Shadow Blaze, Now Pip's, Happy Tail!

We just love this sweet story and are so happy that Pip is enjoying life with his family!

Dear Oldies But Goodies, 

I want to update you on Shadow Blaze, or 'Pip' as is his new name. He is the most wonderful dog. Here are two photos from our morning walk with Paul, Pip, Percy (our rescued deaf Cavalier spaniel) and me. 

Enjoying the woods...

Pip now weighs 24 pounds, which the vet says is good for his size.  When he reached this weight, we had his cherry eye surgery, with Middleburg Vet Hospital, Dr. Mike Bowen. The surgery went well and so far there is no sign of recurrence of the eye problem. Since this was Pip's second eye surgery, we sure don't want him to have to go through it again!

Kisses for everyone, including Paul!

Just to give you one example of Pip's good nature: he has become the best 'little' brother to Percy, our deaf Cavalier, who is about five or six years old. When something exciting is going on that Percy cannot hear and therefore ignores, Pip rushes over to Percy and nudges him, so Percy will see that he's missing out on something — such as us getting ready to go for a walk, going out for a drive, or so on. This action of Pip's directed to Percy started very early on. Percy LOVES Pip!

Lee and Paul

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