Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Boomer & Cooper: What Happy Tails!

We at OBG were all so excited when these two adorable guys became brothers. And just look at them now!

Hello to all at OBG,

John & I could not be any happier with Boomer and Cooper (fka Jethro). They are the greatest little pups we could have gotten.

Boomer is doing just fine with his food aggression. We've gotten him to calm down a bit when he eats, and he spends our dinner time sitting very nicely under the table.

Cooper amazes everyone he meets with how un-Jack Russell he is. He is still as calm and sweet as he was the day we got him. He mastered the doggie door first and would taunt Boomer by carrying all the toys outside and setting them in front of the window where Boomer would sit. It was funny and sweet — Boomer didn't seem to mind all the toys disappearing.

Enjoying a snuggle...

I took these photos in our favorite place to gather in the evenings. Both pups like to listen to John when he plays his trumpet. Boomer is always close at his side when he's practicing, and in the picture, Cooper is lying on my feet so I didn't want to move him to get a better shot.

...and some trumpet practice!

We love our little guys and want to say thank you for bringing them into our lives.

Best wishes to all,
Kirsten & John sweet! We love to see our cockers & honorary cockers living so happily together!

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