Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Ending: Carter

Carter is such a special little guy, he is stealing hearts around the world!

We thought it was time to send in an update on our little boy, to show you how much he has settled into our family and into our lives since we adopted him in September 2011.

After losing our Great Dane to bloat in January 2011, there was a huge void in our life, not to mention in the life of our little girl, Daisy; she is our adorable Lhasa Apso/terrier mix, whom we rescued in Oklahoma. Carter has been such a blessing to all of us. He has the most amazing personality and is so smart and funny. Why anyone would want to get rid of such a wonderful dog just amazes us, but their loss has been our gain!

Look at that face...

When we rescued Carter, he came to us with bountiful energy. With daily walks, five and a half acres of land to play on, and our little girl who chases him around the yard — oh, and not to forget the squirrels they love to chase away from our bird feeder — we have found that he has calmed down greatly. In fact, indoors he has become a bit of a couch potato!

Spring may be just around the corner, but there is nothing
quite like playing in the snow with Daisy!

Carter came to us with one command, which was "sit," and he lacked some of the basic skills. However, in our short time together he has learned so much: "down, stand, leave, stay, paw, off, come, walk-on, drop and heel" to mention a few, and he is so focused when you train him, it is a real delight to watch him learn.

 "Don't forget, Mom, sorting socks
is also one of my specialties!"

He is spoiled in every way you can think of, our friends just love him. I hope one day my mom gets to visit from England to meet him as I know she will love him too. We send her pictures and movies of our little guy, and she is already quite smitten with him, but who wouldn't be — he is so adorable!

In fact, we at the Connection received a special message from Grandma in England: "He's a real star here! When we Skyped yesterday, Carter knows the video call sound and waits to be picked up onto Lynne's lap so that we can talk to him!"

Carter had lots of gifts at Christmas, but he wasn't very keen on the noisier ones that talked to him; in fact, he hides behind mom when they come on. One special gift stole his heart, though, along with Daisy's: Grandma in England sent them both a Union Jack, a squeaky plush love heart with a tuggy rope through it, which they both loved! Carter even got introduced to Skype on Christmas day, so that my parents back in England could watch the dogs open their Christmas gifts. Carter was a little mythed by the wrapping paper —we are not sure if he had ever received a gift wrapped present before — so I helped him open it, and he loved the gift inside!

Ready to Skype...

"Thanks for such a wonderful Christmas!"

He has gained weight since we have had him, which is great because he was a little too thin when we first got him. He has a well balanced, healthy diet now and occasionally gets tidbits...much to his delight!

What a handsome boy!

There is so much gratification received and given from a rescue dog, it is like they really appreciate and understand what a difference you make to their lives.

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful happy ending. What a lucky boy and wonderful family!

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