Friday, September 30, 2011

#46: Coco Puff

From foster to forever...

Coco Puff started as a foster dog, and ended up a forever dog. We had just lost one dog to cancer. My husband, our Labrador, and I were sad. We weren’t sure if we wanted another dog.

OBG sent us Coco Puff to foster until they found a forever home for her.

After a few days, Coco Puff got sick. The vet was not sure what was wrong. Then she got worse. She crawled into a shell. She was distressed and in pain. She would not move, and she barely ate. We took care of her for eight months. There were countless vet visits and numerous medications. One vet was able to cure her. By this time, she knew she had found her forever home. We couldn’t let her go. We formally adopted her from OBG, and she became part of our family.

Coco Puff is now a happy dog. She loves life again. Her hobbies are eating, going for walks, eating, chasing squirrels, eating, and playing with her toys. She charms people and dogs with her easy going nature and warm personality.

Look for her on wikipedia—she’s the Cockapoo in the snow!

Thank you, OBG. We had a tough start, but a Cockapoo’s love is worth it!

Who could resist that face? Thanks for making Coco Puff's dreams come true!

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