Tuesday, September 20, 2011

#45: Ashley

What a great family...

We adopted Ashley over the summer, and she just wagged and licked her way into our hearts. After some looking over by our other two dogs and vice-versa, she quickly began to explore her new home and yard.

Ashley, Gracie & Cappy.

I think she knew she had come 'home' for good and felt comfortable from the start. She quickly adapted to routines we had with our other dogs—which may have been a little different from her former ones—always with good nature and an easy going attitude.

Waiting for a treat.

We wanted a more 'mature' dog to avoid some of the puppy hassles but still be energetic and playful, and Ashley at about six is perfect. Ashley and our smallest dog, Cappy, soon began to be friends, playfully licking and nuzzling each other and running together outside. This gave Cappy much needed activity because she had recently lost her lifelong companion dog and was usually just sleeping all day. Ashley quickly took care of that, and now both are always near and engaged with us.

Playing with Cappy.

Ashley and our big dog, Gracie, take walks with 'dad' around the lake most days, snuffing out good smells and greeting other dogs and people along the way.

Ashley is the perfect addition to our family, such a sweet temperament, always cheerful and wagging that tale, very affectionate without being 'needy'...I could go on and on. She is good with our grandkids, too, just an all around sweetheart.

With granddaughter, Ella.

Thank you for taking such good care of her while she was in transition and for letting us bring her to her forever home!

Thank you so much for sharing your story!

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