Saturday, September 17, 2011

#42: Belle

This note comes from one of my favorite OBG families—they have a fondness for senior dogs & trios!

Belle, Belle-Bear, Shuffles, Sassy Lady, Princess Belle...These are all names Belle will answer to. OK, maybe she is mostly deaf, but I like to pretend she answers to them!

Last winter I was looking through available cockers on OBG's website and I noticed "Maddie" was there. Back when we adopted Biscuit, she was available, and I was surprised she was still looking for a home.

I contacted her foster family and made plans to visit them in PA. On a chilly day, Mr. Biscuit and I rode up to meet Maddie and her family. She had been fostered for almost a year and after meeting her, I still couldn't figure out why.

What a beautiful girl.

Her amazingly lovely foster mom said people have commented on how cute her face is, but she is overweight. Well, yes, she did need to lose a few pounds (sheesh, don't most of us?), but this little lady stole my heart. No matter what her size, I knew she would be a perfect fit in our house.

Enjoying time with her family...

Belle is a fussy gal. No two ways about it. She doesn't like her brothers or kitties to get too close and startle her, but she is the sweetest lady around. Belle likes to walk the line! She will walk on the very edge of a curb, the fence edge, the driveway edges and check all the perimeters around our yard. She loves all people and will shake her little tail at everyone who comes her way—especially with treats in hand!

...and basking in the sun!

I'm still in contact with Belle's awesome foster family and am so happy they and OBG gave Belle another chance.

What great custom magnets of this adorable trio!

We love her so very much. :)

What a darling! Belle has two brothers, and you can read their happy endings on the Connection, too: Biscuit & Casper complete the trio!

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  1. They are all beautiful--can't have too many cockers!