Tuesday, September 13, 2011

#38: Dash

This guy came to OBG in rough shape—malnourished, scared, unsocialized. Just look at our fella now!

Meet "Dash," formally known as "Dallas" with OBG, and before being found in Georgia with eye, ear and skin infections—who knows? Dash became part of our family in March 2011 when I still had a hole in my heart from the loss of "Lucky," my 15 year old black with white markings cocker mix.

We got "Lucy," a black-and-white parti cocker spaniel from a reputable small breeder two years ago. Lucy is smart, confident and head-strong, but something was missing. I watched the "Dogs Available" on the OBG website like a soap opera— tracking who came in, how long they stayed and the joy of when an adoption was pending and then "Adopted"!

During the CFC campaign at work, I decided to commit to OBG financially because I believe in their mission. I was impressed at the low overhead and the large number of cocker spaniels that were able to be saved from neglect, or voluntary surrender. After several adoption shows that never quite fit, it was suggested to set up an appointment with Dallas and his foster mom. They came over to the house, and the kids and Lucy romped and played with Dallas.

He was wonderful and his foster mom took good care of him during the transition. In my heart, I knew we belonged together and my husband agreed—but we needed to change his name for his new life. "Dash" is our joy and a playmate companion to Lucy. He melts my heart everyday with his beautiful soulful eyes and his loving sweet demeanor.

Dash filled the hole Lucky left, and I give him unconditional love and care. I always smile when I see the car magnet that says "Who Rescued Who?" with a paw print and think, "Now that is an accurate statement"! Dash is the start of a new and happy life!

What a wonderful story. So true—our dogs rescue us!

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  1. As the rescuer of Dallas from the Ga shelter this wonderful happy ending brought a tear to my eye. Happy life Dasher!!