Sunday, September 11, 2011

#36: Petey

A special story...

Petey came into my life in 2004 and saved me from a chaotic & stressful lifestyle that involved working seven days a week. I had always wanted a dog but we weren’t allowed to have one growing up. I cannot remember what drew me to Petey’s picture on the OBG website, but I went to the Springfield PetSmart in August 2004 to meet him.

The poor guy had just had an abscess on his face removed, and he was still recovering from some anesthesia at the show. He was quiet and just sat there. I stood by him and petted him for a while and talked to his foster. I was pretty sure I wanted to apply for him but my decision was made when another couple came over and said, "Is that Pete?" I said, "Yes," and turned in my application.

Who could resist that adorable face?

I picked up Petey from his foster the following weekend and took a long weekend so we could get settled in together. He loved to play ball, and we played with tennis balls that first night. I was so happy to have him home.

Toys, bones, & lots of love from Mom!

Petey was my faithful companion and driving navigator. He would only sit in the front seat and loved to lean over with his paw raised so I could rub his belly while driving. We took lots of long walks together, and Petey loved to sit out on the front stoop of my condo building and greet folks as they walked by. We called him the Mayor of Buchanan Street.

'Being the Mayor is a little tiring...'

Petey’s time with me was not as long as I had hoped, and we had to say goodbye in January 2008. He taught me so much about love, faith and loyalty. He truly saved me and made my life so much better. I love you, Petey!


Taking a moment to reflect & remember on this day. Thinking of all whom we have lost, all who serve, and all who will be forever in our hearts.

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