Wednesday, September 7, 2011

#31: Gibbs

I remember seeing the photos of this guy when he joined OBG. A great face, & so full of energy!

Gibbs had a great first day and night at home. The car ride was smooth and we heard him bark for the first time when he saw another dog on the side of the road. He loves the backyard and playing fetch with tennis balls. I don't think his tail stopped wagging until he finally collapsed in his crate last night. He met friends and family yesterday and greeted them all enthusiastically. We are working on curbing his inclination to jump on visitors. He is fascinated with our cat but right now she is not feeling the same, which was expected.

On the way home I read his medical records. I noticed his first history is from the Rockbridge County SPCA. Randy was born and raised there so Gibbs took a bigger place in his heart. We noticed that although he loves all of us, he seeks out Randy and my son, Ben.

The happy family.

I walked him for the first time this morning. He did well on the leash and met three dogs who were also walking. He sniffed a little but didn't get too excited.

We finally came to a consensus and are calling him Gibbs. We are NCIS fans. I will keep you posted and thanks again for all of your help and the love you gave him!

As a fan of NCIS myself, I think that this strong, handsome dog has the perfect namesake! 

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