Tuesday, September 6, 2011

#29 & #30: Skipper & Katie

It is no secret that I love canine companions—in the plural! We recently received this update on two alumni, living the good life together...

Skipper & Katie are super little people in dog suits. I can always count on being welcomed home from work each day by two smiling faces. 


Katie was an extremely shy puppy mill dog...

Originally a shy beauty...

...but she & Skipper became fast friends. Skipper has taught Katie to trust and to play and Katie, well, Katie tries to keep Skipper out of trouble! Some days that is a challenge!

...now always ready for fun...

...although sometimes Skipper needs a guiding hand!

There are times when it appears that they do not pay attention to each other, but then there are also times when they snuggle and sleep together on the sofa or bed.

SBF: Snuggle Buddies Forever.

Skipper is my first male rescue after four females so everyday is a challenge. He is ALL male, loves everyone and all the neighborhood cats. He is intrigued by the family of deer that apparently live in the area behind his yard. A couple of weeks back, he and a young fawn were nose to nose through the fence while the momma doe stood at a distance snorting to get the attention of her baby.

Studying up, trying to be a good boy (for now)!

Good luck staying out of trouble, Skipper! And, Katie, to many happy years in your wonderful home!

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