Monday, August 29, 2011

#25: Beau

Introducing the story of a diamond in the rough...

Hi, OBG! Remember me? I was “Redd” earlier this year when you rescued me—

Back when I was 'Redd.'

—but I’m Beau now!

Thank you for all that you did for me, you gave me a life back! You had my matted coat clipped off, had my decayed tooth removed, and treated my Lyme Disease! My foster mom helped me transition into my new home. Life is good now! I sleep with Mom, and snuggling on the sofa with my head on her lap is great (even though I often have to share with that horrible laptop)!

My favorite walk is at dusk…first around the neighborhood on leash, then I get to run free in the open hay fields that surround the neighborhood! I occasionally flush a bird or a rabbit…just haven’t been able to catch one!

What a gorgeous cocker.

Weekends are the best though, we run errands together—I get to go inside the bank, the garden nursery, and Lowe’s, and everyone has a biscuit for me! “Wanna go for a ride” means BISCUIT!

Here I am today, five months later! My coat is growing out and I’m looking like a Cocker again! Don’t let my sober (I prefer the term “regal”) expression fool you, I’m a ham!

I only have two speeds, walk and RUN! Well, that’s one way to get good air flow to my ears!

Run, Beau, run!

Congratulations on your happy ending, Beau!

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