Friday, August 26, 2011

#24: Daisy

Daisy's human sister recently sent us a message...

I had been looking for a dog for a long time, searching online, and visiting local humane societies to find the right one.

My mom had cocker spaniels as a girl, and so we thought that a cocker would be a good fit for our family knowing their personalities and needs. We also wanted to adopt from a shelter because we knew that there were dogs that needed homes, and we wanted to help.

When I found the Oldies but Goodies website, I started checking frequently (practically every 4 hours…) for newly arrived dogs and emailing their descriptions to my parents. We found a few other dogs we liked, and my mom met with some of them over time as well as having dogs come out to our house.

However, when we saw Phoenix (her OBG name), we instantly loved her. I told my parents about her, and we wrote to her foster mom. We loved that she was young, outgoing, mostly housebroken, good with kids, and playful. We learned that she had been found with hundreds of other animals in an abandoned barn. They were killing almost all the other animals, but they managed to save her, so she got her name Phoenix, like the bird rising from the ashes.

What a pretty girl!

After thinking it over, we decided to meet her, and if we liked her, take her home since we had already passed OBG’s requirements when thinking about adopting another dog. We met her, and she warmed up quickly to us. Later that day, we took her home with us and were all so happy. We decided to change her name to Daisy, and today it goes perfectly with her spunky personality and energy.

She quickly found her place at our home. We love to take her on 1-2 walks a day, play with her in the backyard, throw her squeaky toys, rubber balls, and stuffed animals all over the house, train her to do tricks, feed her treats (sometimes too many) and give her lots of belly rubs.

Settling in to play...

Daisy loves sniffing around in our yard and chasing every squirrel or bird there is. She is a fast learner. Once when my sister pointed out the fox walking through our backyard, she ran and got her fox squeaky toy. She became fully housebroken too and learned a few commands like, sit, down, and stay. Daisy also loves to play with her toys and run around the house when we play chase with her. I am so glad that we chose to get a dog from Oldies But Goodies and am so glad we got Daisy. I hope that Daisy loves being here and is happy to have a good home.

And we're off. Have fun, Daisy!

What a lovely story!

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