Thursday, August 25, 2011

#23: Chance

Chance has found his perfect family...

Chance has been a real treasure. He's my running partner and shadow, and keeps me company as I go about my day. He and my oldest son are best buddies and play everyday:

Visiting with his buddy.

He was kind of anxious when we first got him...thunderstorms are still right out as far as he's concerned, but he brings us his Thundershirt on bad days and all is right with him again. He was featured in the local news in his Thundershirt. [Neat-o!] We got it embroidered because he's just that cute in it.

Too cute!

He's a cuddlebug so most of his pictures have us in them! We kid that he must be part cat since he lays on the back of the couch and cuddles with anyone who sits within five feet.

Time for a snuggle with dad.

I'm so glad we adopted from OBG and got a treasure of a dog. Chance seems like he's always been ours!

To calm weather ahead!

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