Wednesday, August 24, 2011

#22: Dasher

Today's happy ending is extra special. Dasher was adopted by our current OBG president, Beth, and all of us want to wish Jorge, her longtime beau, a very happy birthday today!

The story of Dasher...

(1) Little Dasher officially joined Beth's family in January of 2008. (2) He quickly fit right in, even sharing his bed with fosters of all shapes & sizes. (3) A true DC dog, he happily poses in front of the Capitol with Beth... (4) ...or solo! His modeling skills are rivaled only by his adorable tongue. (5) Snowpocalypse fun! (6) He starts the evening by snoozing with Jorge on the couch... (7) ...then getting ready for bed with a stretch... (8) ...and finally settling in for the night. (9) We are so happy for Dasher!

Dasher was pulled at the last minute from a shelter in Bristol, TN, and I still remember reading his bio for the first time and seeing this statement: "this little boy was literally one day away from never seeing the new year because the shelter was full, there were not enough adopters for all the dogs, and you know the rest." When I first met this perfect little dog, I could barely comprehend the injustice in what I had read.

I was a rather new OBG foster at the time and was actually helping my aunt and uncle look for a dog—Dasher was on their short list. While they went on to adopt my foster Hokie, I got to meet Dasher about a week later at an adoption show and was immediately smitten. No person was a stranger and he would climb into anyone's lap for cuddling and pets. I kept telling Jorge that we really ought to "foster" that dog, knowing full well I had another intention: adoption!

He's still a lapdog who prefers human attention to a canine companion—in fact, my family jokes that he has a rubber body and will contort in any way possible to remain on your lap. Yet he has allowed no less than 30 foster brothers and sisters share his home in the three years that we've had him.

Like typical parents, we think he's practically perfect. The naughtiest thing he does is steal tomatoes—like a true southern boy, he even likes the green ones!—and, well, sometimes he chews up the mail when it comes through the slot. But the joy he has brought to our lives can't even begin to be measured, so we overlook those minor details. He is a gentle soul, very even tempered and go-with-the-flow.

And he remains true to his name, still dashing to the nearest lap for cuddling and kisses—a perfect Dasher indeed!

Thanks so much for your story, Beth—what a wonderful family!—and thank you for all that you both do for OBG!

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