Tuesday, August 16, 2011

#18: Schatz

Once upon a time, OBG brought in the Lucky 13. Most of them were quickly adopted, but Lancelot stayed with us:

This stunning sable boy wants love and companionship, but he needs to build his confidence and overcome his fears. Lancelot is a smart, energetic, and playful guy who gives kisses, loves tummy rubs, and looks for affection. His fondest wish is to be fostered/adopted by a nurturing person(s) who understands his needs and can gently teach him to overcome his fears.

An adoption & a new name later...

Schatz is doing fine and has settled very well. In these past four months, he has come into his own. His soft toys are all over the place. —SMILE—

He is getting used to fetching tennis balls. He is a wonderful companion and alerts when anyone comes close to the house. He is a treasure!

What a delightful dog, and what a wonderful beginning to his new story. Congratulations, Schatz!

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