Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Ending: Barney

Barney was abandoned in a box (!). A good samaritan found him in a parking lot, and we were very happy to help him on the way to his happy ending.

Barney as he joined OBG.

This poor guy had been so neglected that he had no fur on his body outside of his face. He was uncomfortable and so very cold.

Even through all of that, he remained snuggly and friendly to all, just waiting to meet the family he could love forever.

Fast forward: I cannot believe what just a few short months can do!

It's time to explore!

From his family...
Barney loves playing with all his toys, but it is so funny how he has a favorite that he knows by name. When we say "go get Sammy," he always gets the same toy.

He grew back so much hair that he finally got his first haircut. When we first got him we did everything to keep him warm, now just a few months later, he couldn't wait to get rid of the hair that was making him so hot!

So handsome.

We could not be more happy for Barney and his family. To many happy times together!

Enjoy your snuggles, Barney!

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