Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy Ending: Lucy

I love this story from Lucy's family! What a wonderful life she is having!

On December 12, a very cold and snowy day in western North Carolina, we lost our beloved Cujo. Cujo was our 13-year-old cocker poodle rescue whom we had for 11 years. His name was the opposite of his loving personality. Needless to say, we were heart heartbroken, and Christmas was a sad time for us.

Fairly quickly I began looking for a cocker poodle rescue at local rescue shelters and on the internet...enter Jasmine (now Lucy). After much communication with OBG rescue, my husband and I took off to meet our new dog in Virginia. The effort to get her to us was tremendous. The adoption process was so well-organized, it was unbelievable.

Exploring marine life...

We love this little dog. She bonded with us immediately. She loves the mountains. She runs like a bullet through our orchard. Trips to the coast are very exciting. She flies up and down the beach and loves to chase waves and hermit crabs! She curls up on my lap every night of her life, and squeezes between us in bed at night.

Trotting happily into the sunset!

We are so very grateful to Lucy's foster mom, to the OBG coordinator who facilitated everything, and most of all, to the extraordinary group of volunteers who make your organization truly special. Thanks to you all.

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