Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Ending: Biscuit

I was so excited to get this letter recently! You cannot help but smile while reading it.

A self-proclaimed animal lover but a total "cat person," I adore all animals but cats have been my choice as an adult pet-owner. My childhood dog was a mix from a Virginia shelter. Her "cocker ears" were forever in my memory, though.

When my husband and I decided to adopt a dog, a rescue was the obvious choice.  I remember going on several websites but OBG's stuck out to me. I finally got the urge to e-mail about a dog named "Buddy" on the site. We made arrangements to meet at a local park.

That was a year ago this month.

The moment they walked over the hill I 100% knew "Buddy"—now Biscuit!—was going to be ours forever. A couple weeks later we had a home check, and the foster felt we were a good match and let me keep him right then and there. I jumped the gun and had ordered him a collar/leash/tag, and it just happened to come in the mail that very day.

Biscuit is not a dog who enjoys "playing" in the typical way. No chasing balls, no toys or bones.  I found this out after I bought bags full of "things dogs love"...all dogs except Biscuit that is. ;)

He'd rather take a nap in a cool spot than run around the yard, but that's fine with me. We go on summer night walks, and he leads the way around our neighborhood to explore, then runs into the house for his treats.

A handsome boy in a nice cool spot.

I have watched a somewhat shy dog turn into a trotting/hopping/sweet/curious/quirky/funny best buddy over the past year. He is my heart. I don't know much about his seems he lived a quiet life without much attention because it took a long time for him to not be surprised I was petting him every few minutes.

I take Biscuit to the office with me, and he goes in to say hello to all my co-workers. He is loved and adored everywhere we go, but he mostly ignores people & finds a good spot to people watch when we go out.

Out and about.

Biscuit is deaf...he's also not the youngest dog on the block but you know what? Who cares! He is the BEST dog ever. I love Biscuit more than I ever thought possible. Just seeing his little nubby wag makes my day better.

Sleep tight, Biscuit!

I am so thankful to OBG for taking him in and trusting us to be his forever home.

Special bonus: Biscuit & his sister, Belle.
Another OBG happy ending to come!

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