Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Ending: Mr. Pickles & Sophie

Hi, it’s me, Peter (a.k.a. Mr. Pickles). I am on the left in the photo; OBG found me a great family 3 years ago just before Christmas ‘07. Since I didn’t get a chance to spend time with a foster family (there was none available at the time), it was a hard adjustment for me at first because I was a stray.

My human Mom and Dad tell me now that I am the best and a great young man. Everyone says what a handsome boy I am, especially after being groomed when all the colors in my coat really stand out. Being groomed is not my favorite activity, the best part for me is the ride home.

My home is pretty nice, lots of good food and all the toys I can chew up, stuffing to rip out; but I don’t do that to my soft squeaky toys—I gently chew on them and listen to the squeak. Sometimes I like to sing along with the squeak, for some reason everyone thinks it’s very cute!

Last summer we adopted pretty Sophie; like me, Sophie was found as a stray. Everyone thought she would be a good fit in our house, so she came to live with us in July ’10. She was only 17 pounds and had only a short time with her foster mom, Joyce; now she has “chubbed out” to 26 pounds. Sophie and I get along great, neither one of us is very dominant; we share toys and never fight about food.

This wasn’t always the case it took a few weeks for everyone to settle in. Sophie can be sort of pushy (it’s because everyone calls her Princess); sometimes she wants the toy I have or wants to lay on top of me. I’ve gotten used to this, and she seems to know when I don’t want to share. Sophie’s favorite toys are balls. She really likes the small ones, and they really make her butt wiggle. Speaking of wiggle butts, I thought mine wiggled a lot, but Sophie’s is ridiculous.

Life is great, thanks to OBG for making our dreams come true!

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